For the love of off shoulders 

Hey there everyone 

Here is something you should know about me i am crazy about off shoulders too bad i had a very bad tailor to sew one for me but o well i came across these pictures on Pinterest 📍 and just want to share them with you .. 

Rocking it the Ankara way


Story of the day :TALES BY PUBERTY 

Hello everybody hope you are having a beautiful day. 

Well i woke up quiet early today which is very unnatural with me and now i want to drop this. Hmmmm my people i remembered how my first monthly flow started ooo and my aunt called me to give me educative gist😂😂 then she started, now she said my baby you are a woman oo now that you have started seeing blood  don’t allow any boy to touch you or else you will have a big stomach (chaii African aunts) . Then she was like while I was in school there was this lady that was always a rascal then people especially guys respected her as she was always acting like a cultist.. To cut the long gist short she graduated and got married to someone she met in school leaving all the Sulias and chinwes that were doing follow follow. 

Her wedding night that was how her husband realized she was still a virgin, like every calabar man he screamed Abasi Mbok!!!!!  So ya virgin na why you come dey do like werey for school and she replied I WAS WITH THE ANOINTING and avoided the guys who wanted to SAMPLE ME… 

THEN MY AUNT SHOUTED EWOOOOOOOOOO RICE ROASTING OOO I was so happy the gist had ended or so i thought

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