The Friday Glow

Hey lollies i woke up this morning feeling so happy for no reason in particular which is quite unusual . 

Then looking at my mirror ooh yes i felt like an angel .. Then i realized how much I have looked down on myself feeling like I am not good enough for anyone or anything…. After secondary school i felt like okay mama you are going to improve on yourself but trust me it’s not easy.. I have always wanted to do a lot but being the old me i always thought people would take me for a joke so i just sit back and wish. 

Waking up this morning and with a few words of motivation i could recollect from my two favorite persons Alice and Saxxz i realize how ungrateful i have been because God has blessed me with so much yet i refused to realize that.. So before 2016 ends i think 29 days left lol

  • No more crying 
  • No more i can’t do it 
  • No more they don’t love you and don’t care of course they do and even if they don’t you’ve got God 
  • You are always good enough 
  • Your body is perfect 
  • Love yourself and aim for higher grounds 
  • Aim to be better with God as your best friend 
  • Put God first in all you do
  • No jokes you can do anything 

    I love you all and I know something in you loves you too… It time to get rid of the negative ideas 

    Have a blessed day… Kizzzesss

    Was listening to  God I LOOK TO YOU By BETHEL  WHILE TYPING ALL THESE THESE And that’s the motivation you need 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍GOD IS KING 👑👑👑​


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    1. Wow, I feel inspired.

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