Good morning sweethearts yes yes Margaret is back after being on ghost mode for weeks and I am so sorry. .let’s just say am trying to build myself to perfection for you . Thing is I didn’t actually plan on posting anything but somehow I had to because this issue is just too heavy for me to bear alone. So going through my favourite social media platform I saw a post about a babcock student that committed suicide and I was close to tears and going through the comments i realised he was depressed according to that post then a lot of teenagers opening up about how no one actually pays attention to us whenever we find ourselves in that situation which is the simple truth even our parents seem to compound our problems at this point of depression but bottom line suicide should not be an option. Yes I agree it can be really hard coping and trying to stay strong  but never let anyone make you feel like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel.You should remember you are not alone on this one. Even if parents are never there for you be there for yourself and build the soldier in you. If you fail pick your cross and start again

It’s time to apologise to yourself for the wrong you have caused your body, mind and soul

Whoever that has disappointed you just forgive and learn one fact which is not everyone you love and give everything up for will be willing to do the same for you. 

Apologise to your beautiful self for all the wrong you put it through and for all the hate you showed it .The same way you desire love is the same way your soul and heart wants love so do to yourself what you would want others to do to you. 

Yes you have to make history with yourself .

Build your goals, follow them up with faith , whoseover that doubts your abilities should be put in the trash can and not in your head.

Create your symphony of love and adore it .Let it be guide. Preach it.

 Build memories that would form a symphony of love, inspiration, good vibes and achievements so that some day when your children find themselves in this box of depression you will sing it to them and calm their stormy seas.

I love you all.Stay positive. 


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