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Black Girl Power

My sweethearts 💍Ya'll know am in love with you guys (that line tho English just gives me headache). Well am here presenting a very beautiful and stylish black princess, a very good example of what being a cool kid in Christ is all about... She just passes a simple message with her style and that… Continue reading Black Girl Power

Fashion tips

Mom Jeans crase

Hello everyone am here again and with some styling tips I really won't talk much but I'll let the pictures speak for me and simplicity in style is just the dig for me .. And wait on my next feature This will be lit if you tuck in the shirt and put some belt on ya… Continue reading Mom Jeans crase

Fashion tips

The Casual Instagram Baddie Inspiration 💋

Wow, typing here feels really new to me. It just feels like I have been gone for years or I was on some maternity break but well your run away blogger is here and this time around with some Instagram baddie inspiration just because I am an Instagram addict... Especially when that network is acting… Continue reading The Casual Instagram Baddie Inspiration 💋