Black Girl Power

My sweethearts 💍Ya’ll know am in love with you guys (that line tho English just gives me headache). Well am here presenting a very beautiful and stylish black princess, a very good example of what being a cool kid in Christ is all about… She just passes a simple message with her style and that is simply “slayage with decency and in decency”  I really don’t know if you dig what your babe is trying to say right now but if you do just know I love you. 

Baby girl this is lit every single item you wearing on here is amazing and you look stunning girl.

Her Instagram handle is @adenike_ademi_


Mom Jeans crase

Hello everyone am here again and with some styling tips I really won’t talk much but I’ll let the pictures speak for me and simplicity in style is just the dig for me .. And wait on my next feature This will be lit if you tuck in the shirt and put some belt on ya waist​





Hey   sweethearts how are you all and hope you all are having a great week.. Well am taking us back to the good days when I gave inspirational talks like it’s something I can’t do without. So sorry it’s not a  fashion idea today I plan on giving Ya’ll both 😚. I’ll be talking about self acceptance. 

First of all I’ll love to scream out and emphasize on the fact that self acceptance is the most beautiful thing that could ever happen to anyone this is coming from someone who never felt good enough for anyone, always thought that she was at fault whenever her parents were having issues, always ran from the boys to avoid being bullied, wanted to be slim sometimes and thick other times, never spoke out like you could be talking about me in a bad way and just because I felt I’ll be beaten up I’ll always give the whatever attitude and so on. 

Well things changed because I decided to grow and that’s all you need to realise  and when you do realise that you need to actually grow you’ll let go of the following 

  1. THE need to depend on someone to feel loved 
  2. Waiting on the actions of those you love towards you 
  3. Blaming yourself for every wrong thing that goes on around you. For example If you constantly feel you are the reason for certain bad phases your parents are going through you need to realise that it’s their duty to pick up the pieces of their lives and fix them you already have a future to build. 
  4. Nothing you do can ever make sense or be good enough then you’ll say it’s your village people that are doing you then you relax for when they will give up.. Sorry to burst your bubble giving up has only strengthened them. 
  5. Your body is not beautiful as if not been  happy is not enough you are trying to annoy your creator. 
  6. Fear:This fear just pulls you from achieving what you want in life. You get scared of what people will say about you and your abilities forgetting that you have a bigger audience that never stops applauding at your passionate displays and you should know I am talking about God. 

Be yourself, love yourself, embrace your flaws,embrace your stretch marks be you boy or girl, embrace your big lips, big eyes, yam legs, small hips , boys with big butts, girls with small boobs and the rest..This is you and nothing will change that except a little surgery here and there but why waste so much when you could just glow with the way you are. Once you love yourself the devil disappeares.

I feel like when people bring you down they do so because they do not know to accept a better you. So when you love yourself and start to glow it just pisses them off.

Once you ready to accept and love yourself tell those thoughts you are ready to sign a life contract with them for your happiness. It’s time to let go of the ones who make you feel like you are wasting your time loving them, those who bring you pain but because you feel you love them you keep around naaah they are not worth the stress darling.

Take your life and own it to the fullest, set your priorities right, set your goals and scream to the world “Watch out for me am about to glow” Ya’ll know where that line came from right

Just tell them you ain’t playing. Tell them to get a life


Get your glow together and give them hot hot don’t waste no time


Stay happy always ❤❤❤❤see you all later.


Hello sweethearts  I am back remember I promised to be more consistent with my posts. 

Am here to bless your souls with some retro kid vibe . He’s all old skool loved up and just raises the 50s from the dead. You are probably wondering why this post is titled AGAINST ALL ODDS well it has that title because this person’s style is just one of a kind, he braves the odds with fashion. I feel when the opposite sex is capable of putting on some stockings out of his crib then he’s a lion in his own den. Now lemme drop the chit chat and show you what creativity is all about. 

I present to you Ire Wilson 

This model is too cool to the touch 

Style lover 001:KIMILOKAN

OLUTAYO-ARO  Kimilokan 

Photographer and model who says he’s a fashionista got me digging and well am impressed and I’ll tell you why

This choice for a shirt is really yummy, the colour,design and the shoulder looks really good. You are probably wondering what I like about the shoulder well I love the fact that it looks all puffed up like those suits worn by the president in Olympus has fallen. Trust me I’ll take you seriously if you have a shirt popping this much.

I really love this because it just reminds me of how much I love ice cream it’s funny but you know holding those cone like waffles that had pink ice cream on it was just everything. That ice cream was simple looking and amazing so is this outfit. Lesson here you don’t need to look like coldstone to slay.

Crocs are just so cute and am loving it here.

Kimilokan seems to love jeans o and he killed it with that sparkling white. Most times to slay you just have to look clean and spotless and he’s translated it here in this picture

The Casual Instagram Baddie Inspiration 💋

Wow, typing here feels really new to me. It just feels like I have been gone for years or I was on some maternity break but well your run away blogger is here and this time around with some Instagram baddie inspiration just because I am an Instagram addict… Especially when that network is acting like flash trust me I’ll be hooked.Well enjoy 

First on the list is for them boys who are reading this and for those girlfriends who love to dress their boyfriends.. I just really love this look I created ignoring the fact that I naturally hate these middle dropping pants but for the very first time in my life I am loving it and if I see a guy dressed like that at a party and he seems to be walking towards me God knows I’ll faint because that’s the height of being cool.

I really love this shoe first of all but I fear them I still stagger on wedge not to talk about this lovely heel but Rome wasn’t built in a day I’ll break that phobia just pray for me. If you are an Instagram lover like me you’ll notice those girls that act like they do not know how to button their shirts properly well it still comes out well and sexy and being a little bit of a bad chic won’t kill or will it?… Well I like it and I feel it’s hot and daring and I love hot and daring styles.

This outfit is dedicated to those pretty boys who love a little bit of sparkle to their vibes.. Enjoy

To really rock this outfit my fellow Babes you need your makeup to be on fleek, your winged liner should be ready to cut the devil, your lips should be as bold as the pen writing a love poem and lastly no slacking.. That leggings is just everything.. Try this style and just enjoy its radiance.

First of all I have a thing for boys on shorts with those leg hairs and all. Just imagine a Nigerian version of Idris Elba or even our very own Eyinna Nwigwe(Nonso from the wedding party movie) rocking this.. Ho my God that will feel like a recession free Nigeria feeling. I just really love this look especially on body built up guys.

Instagram baddies love this top especially our busty gram lovers it gives them the opportunity to flex their side boobs and all.. I love the top just that it could be worn in a better way..

Am out.

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