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The Casual Instagram Baddie Inspiration 💋

Wow, typing here feels really new to me. It just feels like I have been gone for years or I was on some maternity break but well your run away blogger is here and this time around with some Instagram baddie inspiration just because I am an Instagram addict… Especially when that network is acting like flash trust me I’ll be hooked.Well enjoy 

First on the list is for them boys who are reading this and for those girlfriends who love to dress their boyfriends.. I just really love this look I created ignoring the fact that I naturally hate these middle dropping pants but for the very first time in my life I am loving it and if I see a guy dressed like that at a party and he seems to be walking towards me God knows I’ll faint because that’s the height of being cool.

I really love this shoe first of all but I fear them I still stagger on wedge not to talk about this lovely heel but Rome wasn’t built in a day I’ll break that phobia just pray for me. If you are an Instagram lover like me you’ll notice those girls that act like they do not know how to button their shirts properly well it still comes out well and sexy and being a little bit of a bad chic won’t kill or will it?… Well I like it and I feel it’s hot and daring and I love hot and daring styles.

This outfit is dedicated to those pretty boys who love a little bit of sparkle to their vibes.. Enjoy

To really rock this outfit my fellow Babes you need your makeup to be on fleek, your winged liner should be ready to cut the devil, your lips should be as bold as the pen writing a love poem and lastly no slacking.. That leggings is just everything.. Try this style and just enjoy its radiance.

First of all I have a thing for boys on shorts with those leg hairs and all. Just imagine a Nigerian version of Idris Elba or even our very own Eyinna Nwigwe(Nonso from the wedding party movie) rocking this.. Ho my God that will feel like a recession free Nigeria feeling. I just really love this look especially on body built up guys.

Instagram baddies love this top especially our busty gram lovers it gives them the opportunity to flex their side boobs and all.. I love the top just that it could be worn in a better way..

Am out.


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