Style lover 001:KIMILOKAN

OLUTAYO-ARO  Kimilokan 

Photographer and model who says he’s a fashionista got me digging and well am impressed and I’ll tell you why

This choice for a shirt is really yummy, the colour,design and the shoulder looks really good. You are probably wondering what I like about the shoulder well I love the fact that it looks all puffed up like those suits worn by the president in Olympus has fallen. Trust me I’ll take you seriously if you have a shirt popping this much.

I really love this because it just reminds me of how much I love ice cream it’s funny but you know holding those cone like waffles that had pink ice cream on it was just everything. That ice cream was simple looking and amazing so is this outfit. Lesson here you don’t need to look like coldstone to slay.

Crocs are just so cute and am loving it here.

Kimilokan seems to love jeans o and he killed it with that sparkling white. Most times to slay you just have to look clean and spotless and he’s translated it here in this picture


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