My Noodles got Tanned

Hello favorites hope you all setting those goals and smiling as you put a check on that which you achieved today because here I surely  have my list looking like it's on a hundred well 8 out of 99 is something right.  Well today I'll be sharing my noodle and palm oil love with you… Continue reading My Noodles got Tanned

Fashion tips

Everything Maxified

Back to the regular routine I am talking about fashion tips today. On my Instagram story I said I was going to put up a post on how to rock a maxi skirt to church but thinking about it Biko who gave that rule. Well if you still have that notion about maxi skirts please… Continue reading Everything Maxified

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Can’t Wait For What Exactly 

So there's this really cool person dropping his cover to DRAKE'S PASSION FRUIT. He's one of those people I'll see and call them by their Instagram handles lol.  You should check his page and have an idea of what it looks like to build a brand with social media. Of course his handle is  @kobi_wolf  also… Continue reading Can’t Wait For What Exactly