My Noodles got Tanned

Hello favorites hope you all setting those goals and smiling as you put a check on that which you achieved today because here I surely  have my list looking like it’s on a hundred well 8 out of 99 is something right. 

Well today I’ll be sharing my noodle and palm oil love with you because recently someone really asked me if it was really a thing to cook indomie with palm oil and I just felt like Tarzan for a while sadly. We all need to realize that noodles can be made in various special ways just like my fellow blogger has shown HERE
The thing is Noodles is actually great when prepared with palm oil and a lot of crayfish yup crayfish. 

Get your Noodles boiling, add your spices(the one that comes in the Noodle pack) , then pepper, followed by palm oil mix all this and when you notice your Noodle is almost ready add your vegetable I love using ugwu (pumpkin leaves) to be added when your Noodle is ready and left to heat for about 5 seconds to get a really juicy taste. 

Now you know it’s a thing if you ever try it you can tell me via my social media platforms. I love you all  Emmmm if you purge which I know won’t happen just use the loo.

Looks beautiful right


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