Hello sweethearts,how are you all doing? what’s popping ? 

Your babe is here with some amazing tips on how to roll tongues if you are going to step out of your house in a denim skirt.I REALLY love them because  it’s one of the most comfortable clothing item you’ll ever find.SO let’s see

There’s a huge red glow here and personally i think this will look amazing on the plus sized women especially if they are busty the top will just be perfect for them .This is an outfit you can wear to a friend’s birthday party and won’t lose your happy vibes.

Seeing this again am thinking lagos design and fashion week,GT BANK eat and drink and so on .First of all it will grant me the comfort i need ,i won’t go to such events and feel like a bag of cement is attached to my leg Mbanu!!!!

This look is specially for my instagram girls then attach two doughnuts and then snatch some edges and you are good to go

School girl,coolest kid in africa that’s what this outfit tells me.With this outfit it’s all about looking cute

To all my small chested ladies this is for us. For all those who thought nothing can look perfect on us i am sorry to disappoint you.But on a serious note this will be perfect church,the mall etc WARNING :IF YOU CAN’T STAND TWO HOURS OF AC LIKE ME BIKO TAKE A JACKET TO COVER YOUR LEGS OR COME OUT LOOKING LIKE COLDSTONE.


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