Dear readers I am typing this in a very chilled condition with thunder, freezing toes and shaking teeth. I hope you are in that condition too (just joking). Your girl is here to share with you her cheapest accessory. It’s an earing I have always wanted but never actually tried to find it until my friend gave a pair to me. 

This earing is probably sold over a thousand naira or two and she got it at hundred naira less than a dollar isn’t God a great Boo. Understanding the recession and still providing us with what we always want so the shine keeps going on. 

But sincerely I don’t mind the price tag on anything as long as it can serve its purpose and still keep my budget on check am good. So those of you using “its too cheap”  as an excuse not to buy an item you really like just because of what people will say or something darlings re-think. 


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  1. Uzzymami says:

    Hoops are gradually imprinting on me. Lovely pair

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