Hello everyone, with all smiles because I am chowing Roasted corn at the moment (best mood),  I recently received a diary as a gift from my mom she’s probably hoping I would write something about having a boyfriend and all the corny things so she will would find it and send me to the convention but I have decided to show her that a diary can be used in a better way yunno💅💅 you are probably asking yourself  what else should I write apart from how Richard slyed me or how he told you he loved you or for my boys how Florence wore short skirt and her pants line was showing etc.. No that’s just piling negativity in a book. So here is what I think should be in a personal diary. 


  • First of all decorate it to your taste, add stickers etc then first page introduce yourself to your diary not that you are crazy or something buy low key that’s about to be your personal caretaker and counselor. 
  • Write facts about yourself second page. 
  • Compliment yourself just like you compliment gold because believe it or not you are gold darling. 
  • Get a picture of your role model and your body goal remember you could be both. 
  • Write only your feel good songs. 
  • Now start it with the new month record each amazing day of the month whether it was terrible or felt like spoilt bread and tell yourself that everything happens for a reason but that doesn’t mean that you won’t acknowledge your mistakes and try to learn from it. 

  • Goals, long term plans and values you wish to build. 
  • Lastly create a space for those songs or movies or even books you come across and want to get just because they make you happy. Write them down. 

You could create your prayer, academic, exercise and diet routines  in the four middle pages of your diary. Make this book your laptop. Dream with it, be able to open it and be reminded of who you are , what you want to be in 5 years, what you want your CV to look like, what you have achieved and why you need to smile and always remember that you are Gold not silver not diamond GOLD. 


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