So i was reminiscing about alot today and I felt really disappointed in myself for those times I would get so mad at God just because my parents didn’t get me something I wanted, I couldn’t go to certain places, I could not eat whatever I wanted when I wanted to, because my parents had quarrels and I just felt like OK my parents have started o and I would question why they are even my parents, times when I couldn’t pay for certain stuff at school because my parents will say it is a waste of money so I just concluded that they hated me and so on. Looking at these situations am like have I really suffered? Have I even been through anything at all? And the answer is no because if I felt bad during times like that it’s only because I let myself feel bad. I watched a video today and it opened my eyes to what suffering means truly. Suffering is being blind to the presence of God and hope and jumping into prostitution , suffering is being persecuted for loving God, it is watching someone you love being shattered to pieces, it is saying you love prostitution to a customer who leaves their home to find love at a brothel just because  you want to get paid, it is being on drugs just because you feel useless and don’t deserve any good  thing in life . 

We should really stop making a big deal out of the little problems we face and spend that energy on being better.. Stand up and stay positive, pray harder, believe in yourself, let God be the reason you dream of being great. 

Don’t spend so much at the club and when something bad happens you cry and curse God. How come you did not remember God when you were having fun?

Sit d


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