MUSING:My Future Husband’s Father 

Hey lovely people how are you all doing and hope the weather is good to you?!!!!! 

Well I have decided to share my recent walking on the road kinda thought with you instead of a be yourself post. So I was walking along my street when I saw this guy really scolding a lady who I think was his girlfriend, talking about how unpretty and lousy she was, how his father would have put her in her place if he was there.. All this happened in few seconds and I really don’t like to be where street drama holds so I didn’t put so much meaning to it until I got home and a lot from that scene flashed through my memory . 

I began to wonder what my future father in-law was doing that could make or mar my dreams of building a home with the opposite sex. 

Was he beating up his wife right in front of my future husband? 

  • Does he find it reasonable and mature to not appreciate his wife? 
  • Does he tell his son he has no place in the kitchen even when his wife is sick? ​
  • Does he take his wife on dinner dates or even get her the little gifts just to show his son the need to appreciate his wife? 
  • Does he strive to work hard enough just so he’s son would want to be like him rather than choose a wreckless life? ​
  • Does he teach his son that women are to be respected and not used as items in a briefcase? ​
  • Does he teach his son to pray hard? 
  • Does he tell his son it’s enough to get drunk and demand for sex forcefully from his wife?​
  • How does he talk to his wife when she tries to chip in an idea? ​
  • Has he built a wall of confidence and self love around my future husband?
  • Does  his   father see the true essence of being legally married because most marriages are get an apartment and church wedding later and we ladies don’t get to wear our dream gowns because we are too blindly in love and see everything he says as right ​

I could go on and on and on with my fears because growing up I always dreamt of having a husband who will be caring and dedicated to being a great father and friend but with society today I get really scared. Most fathers forget they aren’t just training sons but also future husband and fathers and whether  we like it or not boys will learn to be men from the definition of men they got from their fathers. So now let’s all start praying that our Father inlaws are chasing those dreams and telling the hustle tales to their sons and that the sons caught in the wrong situations will try to fight to get better. See you in my next post. ​


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