Sweethearts!!!! How are you all ? (I need to work on my intros😂). So I am here with my Playlist.. Some of you might find it inspiring and amazing because I do while some of you might find it as a regular Playlist but please don’t. They are arranged in no particular order.

  • Problems – Nasty_C ft Erik Rush​
  • Squad goals- Nasty_C ​​
  • Don’t do it – Nasty_C ​
  • Scars to your beautiful – Alessi a Cara​
  • Shana Wilson –  Give me you​
  • Fight song – Rachel Platten​​
  • Unrequited love – YUNA​
  • Purpose – Justin Beiber​
  • Love me too much – Travis Greene​​
  • Conqueror – Empire cast ft Estella and Jussie Smollet
  • To my future wife-Jon Bellion​
  • Mirrors – Justin Timberlake ​
  • IIt’s not over (when God’s in it) – Aaron Lindsey 
  • Pain-Ship Wrek ft Mia Viale​

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