Over the years i have completely hated reading like i couldn’t even stand the sight of a book. I used to try so hard to read novels because my agemates were crazy about them and i saw a Nigerian movie where Bisola from Big Brother spoke so well then i said to myself Mags(me) you need to read so you could talk like that,well i am nothing close to that at the moment but it is well.

In my search for what really interests me i realised that i love poetry amd motivational books.

Books that talk about personal growth,human struggle and mostly real life situations.

Recently got stuck to MILK AND HONEY BY RAPI KAUR which i have in its pdf format sadly and i realised i was so intrested in poetry little wonder why i get so lost in spoken word everytime .

When i listen to spoken word i get so wrapped up in it that someome could slap me and i would have no idea.

Plus i am a huge fan of SULI BREAKS.

MILK AND HONEY for me is everything i search for in a book .

Volume and depth in few lines rather than volume in the size of the book.

Growth,empowerment and beauty in the way few lines tell a story .

I love the feeling i get after reading poetry books,the feeling of empowerment,strenght,positivity and lots more.

I never get that with fantasy,horror ,romance and the rest especially romance they just make me weak because its always so intense and overflowing with emotions.I cant handle that.

And just like everyone fell in love with books that had so many colourful pictures i am so attracted to the aesthetics and symbol usage in poetry. The abstract drawings that comes with it keeps me glued till the end.

Poetry books are easier to flow with.

Shares deep feelings you can relate to and in so many ways,real life lessons that could build one’s character. I really can’t say the same for other books like romance novels that just put you in this crazy world of fantasy which is not healthy to me.

So really i think everyone actually likes to read we just have to find what we are genuinely interested in.


I hope i finish it this month.

Also Currently loving this new jam by a friend click on the cover art to download .

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