I have practically tried to force myself to write for the past three days but it’s been really scary and I really do not know why. Been away for a while and once again I am back just before the year runs out and I am here with a quick review of my favorite all time relaxer which is the ORS OLIVE OIL.

This has always been that go to relaxer started with the version for kids and now we are right at the top.

I have had a love-hate relationship with my hair this year. There were days when I loved how thick it was but on most days I just prefered my flat sleek hair because it was easy to style.

The ORS OLIVE OIL relaxer is the only relaxer that hasn’t burnt or caused me some type of irritation to the point where I had to empty a whole pack of hair cream all at once on my hair for fear of losing my hair and going bald .


Perform A Strand Test: This is one rule we all seem to overlook because no one feels it necessary. We do not take consultation for our hair 90% of the time so a strand test is the least we could do. This will help you figure out how long it will take to relax your hair properly and if your hair is allergic to that product, this way we skip all the burns and irritations we experience.

DIRTY HAIR : It’s really stressful trying to keep dirty hair,i mean it’s dirty hair we are talking about and no one really likes dirty hair and these are the moments when we get tempted to wash our hair especially after you run your hands through it and feel all that stickiness from dirt and sweat. Washing your hair before relaxing is the worst thing to ever do because you’ll end up with your hair looking like a shopping nylon that feel into the fire and let’s not talk about the dandruff. You also need to avoid scratching your hair no matter how much it itches you.

SPEAK UP: Ensure that you speak up when your hairdresser isn’t spilling excess of the product close to your ears and when you start feeling burns don’t sit there and listen to her tell you “wait small e go soon done ” my darling ask for a wash immediately or have yourself to blame.

  • USE THE RIGHT SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER: I got the whole packet of the ORS OLIVE OIL RELAXER and it comes with no shampoo or conditioner sadly which is the only thing I hate about this product so you’ll have to search for a shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair.
  • APPLY SHEA BUTTER OR HAIRCREAM: This is a necessary process to ensure your hair doesn’t end up dry and hard



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