Used just the hi-def foundation here

The products came in a cute white and small shopping bag and simply sighting the brand them on the white package standing out caught my attention. Simple and very attractive all from this Nigerian Brand called TRIM AND PRISSY a high end yet affordable cosmetic brand considering the quality of their products.

Unedited photos from a last minute please take a picture of me request and this camera did not do justice so please bear with me

Products I Received

  • BBcream
  • Hi-def Foundation in the shade N10 cool neutral
  • Two blush shades
  • Loose powder
  • Mineral icing sugar
  • Lipstick:122 Hello peaches
  • One foundation brush
  • Lip pencil: raisin
  • Lipgloss:40 socialite
  • A multitasking brow brush
  • Eye shadow :618 sea mist
  • Concealer in the shade C9 warm yellow.
  • A Powder brush which is perfect for blending.


This product is the real deal. At first the product came out as some sort of glow oil and I was like this is probably just some face oil. Then the second time I realized it was so much more.


  • The BBcream can be used as a foundation
  • It blends smoothly and perfectly
  • Smells a lot like olive oil which I totally love.
  • Lightweight

Why I love The BBcream

  • Perfect for that rush hour face fix
  • Doesn’t require too much blending
  • Long lasting
  • Can be used on every skin type

This product is what I’ll recommend for summer,working class women and girls who want to try makeup because no matter how bad your blending skills are this product still comes out flawless.

Hi-def foundation

Smooth on skin and lasts long.

Full Coverage and flawless!!!!!!!

Mixed it with the BBcream as I was going for a dewy and glowing look and it did just that for me.

This foundation doesn’t breakup unnecessarily it just stays perfectly.


This is all shades of amazing. We all know how much I love highlighters and how talented I am with going overboard with my cheekbone glow, I don’t joke with it.

This product has all you need to complete that shining gele for the next Saturday wedding.


This is called Hello peaches in the shade 122 .Smells so good.

Lipgloss: 40 socialite

This is the lip gloss you need when you want to perfect that natural glow on your face . Automatically gives life to your lips and makes it look plum and make bae look at you in that baby come here for a kiss type of way.

Loose powder

For me this will get a 5/10 . Gave my under eye this dark effect that I wasn’t loving at all.


They didn’t stick like baby powder so yes they are perfect.

Used them as eyeshadow and I loved how they stayed put.


Came in the shade c9 warm yellow this is perfect for cleaning your brows and that everyday instagram baddie look. Subtle glow that will slay your enemies.

Blends in smoothly for a concealer that feels quite thick. Honestly I am impressed.

Powder Brush

Used it as a blending brush. It did shed a little bit but confirmed that 1+1 is really 2. Worked so well with the BBcream and foundation I was so happy.

Trim and prissy products did a great job considering the fact that this is a Nigerian Brand I was really impressed.

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