Taking a stroll with my course mates see how comfortable i look?

So much dust and cobwebs in here,been so long guys can’t even remember what my last post was about. My first year as a unilag student has just ended and i am about to start a life once more . For my day ones here y’all know how i went back and forth with this school admission thing well we finally got in yaaaay and it’s been a year already. So i have decided to share what life in unilag feels like.


First of all i am glad i did not have to experience the hostel life because it is certainly not for me and if you really love to be alone and have time to yourself just so your creativity can flow please stay away from the hostel. From the water issues to the high population in rooms, get ready for a long semester my dearest newbies.

On a Field Trip with my favorite people ❤️😂

Secondly i got to see that extroverted side of me who liked to be the life of the party on some days and hang out with people way out of my league. Generally if you are scared of not being able to make friends like i was then brace yourself because you are about to have a million of them with different characters and vibes. (as long as you have an open mind towards everything). If you are an extremely uptight person i would say don’t be too hard on yourself!.

Then of course we have the boys who will chase you flat ass,pimples or not,flat chest etc because truth is they don’t matter at the end of the day , what matters is your energy around them. Be confident around everyone and they will roll all over but do not make them a priority or your GP sinks like the titanic .

You are going to face morning lectures as early as 8am with frustrating lecturers. Most times it looks like we shouldn’t be offering certain courses but well we have no option . You are going to face the independent life where you realize that toothpaste is so expensive and you’d rather not have so many clothes because you are trying to save your coins for korede spaghetti .

Life in unilag is fun as long as you are in a competition with just yourself,put no pressure on yourself and open your mind to new ideas and learn to tolerate people as they come. Attend classes religiously and don’t try to be a Billie. Protect your energy and react only when necessary. Attend your faculty dinner and prepare to slay, do not act like i did because i went there looking like it was a normal outing and now i can’t post pictures.

This is me after a stressful day in class

I will stop here and leave my newbies to experience a whole new world of freedom and stress because unilag is actually stressful.

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  1. ARAFAT says:

    Your blog is really cool😍


  2. Mascot says:

    Lovely, more grace to write😊

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  3. Muna says:

    This is lovely ❤❤❤

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  4. peachy says:

    This is actually nice, giving us foresight on what to expect.thank you

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  5. Precious says:

    This is beautiful ✨❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Spacebymeg says:

      thank you Precious ❤️


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