It's IB!!


It’s Ib!!!

Um… Well I’ve been meaning to give this a try for a long time but I’ve always been reluctant. A lot of people I know are always like “Ib you write alot yh? Why don’t you put it into something productive?”.. I’ll be looking like 🙂😶 but then I just decided why don’t I give it a try besides it’s a new year I might as well start trying out new stuff… I seriously thought blogging was all writing and stuff till I like got this app and I was so confused like “what’s all this?😬” buttt I spoke to a friend of mine who also has a personal blog.

Check out thechidera.wordpress.com/

She’s an amazing blogger… Shout out to herrr

NOTICE: THIS IS STRICTLY FOR FUN… Nothing professional going on hereee


So before I get into anything, I’d like to properly introduce myself. Yunno…

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