Fashion For Church: Flared skirt To Dress

Hello sweethearts, Finally my first post in march.I feel like this took forever and I am sorry about that. If you follow my Instagram stories you'll notice I had a post about me making march the skirt month.Well here's the first Skirts bring out the feminine side of us and is great for church.It's a… Continue reading Fashion For Church: Flared skirt To Dress


FEBRUARY’18 : Month Review

New month in few hours yaaaay..Who agrees that February lasted for like a minute and I am happy it did .It was certainly a good month for me how about you? Happy because views on my blog increased yay .I see myself doing better months from now. Disappointed: Well January was good but I had… Continue reading FEBRUARY’18 : Month Review



We all would agree that the current heat situation in Nigeria is terrible and everyone is trying to go for simple casual outfits that they could feel comfortable in .Personally I hate how trendy the jean skirt is currently,how everyone just puts on a camisole on shorts looking too simple and not exactly stylish and… Continue reading HOW TO STYLE OVERSIZED SHIRTS