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STYLING Buttoned Shirts đŸ‘š

Hello Hello ,Happy new month everyone as per me I am already in February .Finally January is over 💃 and I will never forget how frustrating this particular January was. Today's post is about me styling an old vintage shirt of mine.First of all I want to ask ,would you call this method of styling… Continue reading STYLING Buttoned Shirts đŸ‘š

Fashion tips


Happy new month sweethearts yh I know this is coming late but better late than never ..I am just really excited about celebrating Christmas and a new year probably because I am few months away from being legal ..Wanting to grow up so much especially in height and one would think being 18 will come… Continue reading SKIN CARE

Fashion tips

The Casual Instagram Baddie Inspiration 💋

Wow, typing here feels really new to me. It just feels like I have been gone for years or I was on some maternity break but well your run away blogger is here and this time around with some Instagram baddie inspiration just because I am an Instagram addict... Especially when that network is acting… Continue reading The Casual Instagram Baddie Inspiration 💋