Hey   sweethearts how are you all and hope you all are having a great week.. Well am taking us back to the good days when I gave inspirational talks like it’s something I can’t do without. So sorry it’s not a  fashion idea today I plan on giving Ya’ll both 😚. I’ll be talking about self acceptance. 

First of all I’ll love to scream out and emphasize on the fact that self acceptance is the most beautiful thing that could ever happen to anyone this is coming from someone who never felt good enough for anyone, always thought that she was at fault whenever her parents were having issues, always ran from the boys to avoid being bullied, wanted to be slim sometimes and thick other times, never spoke out like you could be talking about me in a bad way and just because I felt I’ll be beaten up I’ll always give the whatever attitude and so on. 

Well things changed because I decided to grow and that’s all you need to realise  and when you do realise that you need to actually grow you’ll let go of the following 

  1. THE need to depend on someone to feel loved 
  2. Waiting on the actions of those you love towards you 
  3. Blaming yourself for every wrong thing that goes on around you. For example If you constantly feel you are the reason for certain bad phases your parents are going through you need to realise that it’s their duty to pick up the pieces of their lives and fix them you already have a future to build. 
  4. Nothing you do can ever make sense or be good enough then you’ll say it’s your village people that are doing you then you relax for when they will give up.. Sorry to burst your bubble giving up has only strengthened them. 
  5. Your body is not beautiful as if not been  happy is not enough you are trying to annoy your creator. 
  6. Fear:This fear just pulls you from achieving what you want in life. You get scared of what people will say about you and your abilities forgetting that you have a bigger audience that never stops applauding at your passionate displays and you should know I am talking about God. 

Be yourself, love yourself, embrace your flaws,embrace your stretch marks be you boy or girl, embrace your big lips, big eyes, yam legs, small hips , boys with big butts, girls with small boobs and the rest..This is you and nothing will change that except a little surgery here and there but why waste so much when you could just glow with the way you are. Once you love yourself the devil disappeares.

I feel like when people bring you down they do so because they do not know to accept a better you. So when you love yourself and start to glow it just pisses them off.

Once you ready to accept and love yourself tell those thoughts you are ready to sign a life contract with them for your happiness. It’s time to let go of the ones who make you feel like you are wasting your time loving them, those who bring you pain but because you feel you love them you keep around naaah they are not worth the stress darling.

Take your life and own it to the fullest, set your priorities right, set your goals and scream to the world “Watch out for me am about to glow” Ya’ll know where that line came from right

Just tell them you ain’t playing. Tell them to get a life


Get your glow together and give them hot hot don’t waste no time


Stay happy always ❤❤❤❤see you all later.


Yaaaay everyone yes Maggie, Meg, Mago Mago and whatever it is that my friends call me well am back to serve you fanta and gala hopefully it satisfies you.

I’ll be dividing the world into two normal parts which are good and bad. 

Dear bad world,

You always show me fake love even when I give you all I have and am .You bring tears and pain to me even when you know I can bleed and fall to tears.

You take all that I am proud of and dump it like trash like I am worthless. You tear my self esteem apart like you ripped off your heart and had it for lunch but guess what I have had enough of your drama.

Now I know there are no scars to my beautiful.

          Goodbye and I hope you see me glow.

After that confrontation with the haters we take a little step further and mako will glady help…

Dear lollies, 

We just want to be perfect

We go unnoticed, We know no limits,

We crave attention, We praise an image,

We pray to be sculpted by the sculptor

And We don’t see the light that’s shining

Deeper than the eyes can find it

Maybe they have made us blind

So we try to cover up our pain, and cut our woes away

‘Cause covergirls and coverboys don’t cry after their face is made
But there’s a hope that’s waiting for you in the dark

You should know you’re beautiful just the way you are

And you don’t have to change a thing

The world could change its heart

No scars to your beautiful, we’re stars and we’re beautiful.

Look Into Your mirrow and smile as you read this.

If you are the saucy type it’s time to drop that and realise that rather than being mean you can show some love and help build the pieces of certain teenagers around you. 

Imagine a world where we all have our own ideas and have the courage to put it to work

Of course the courage will come from you who helps another to feel good in their worse times.

Define your life will the rough life take you anywhere? What will you gain from the excess party life wwhen most of us use it as an escape from our crazy reality.  It can be moderated and half the time can go into self building. Are you going to let the bad world have its way in your life? Ever imagined a life where all you get is encouragement from every one around you just because they realised they desperately want a meaningful and beautiful future and started with being the ones to make a move? Ever felt so much joy when you achieve something that even the older society appreciates?

Time to change our ideologies about life and think big.think positive. Think right. Thank you. 

Song inspiration:scars to your beautiful by Alessia Cara



Good morning sweethearts yes yes Margaret is back after being on ghost mode for weeks and I am so sorry. .let’s just say am trying to build myself to perfection for you . Thing is I didn’t actually plan on posting anything but somehow I had to because this issue is just too heavy for me to bear alone. So going through my favourite social media platform I saw a post about a babcock student that committed suicide and I was close to tears and going through the comments i realised he was depressed according to that post then a lot of teenagers opening up about how no one actually pays attention to us whenever we find ourselves in that situation which is the simple truth even our parents seem to compound our problems at this point of depression but bottom line suicide should not be an option. Yes I agree it can be really hard coping and trying to stay strong  but never let anyone make you feel like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel.You should remember you are not alone on this one. Even if parents are never there for you be there for yourself and build the soldier in you. If you fail pick your cross and start again

It’s time to apologise to yourself for the wrong you have caused your body, mind and soul

Whoever that has disappointed you just forgive and learn one fact which is not everyone you love and give everything up for will be willing to do the same for you. 

Apologise to your beautiful self for all the wrong you put it through and for all the hate you showed it .The same way you desire love is the same way your soul and heart wants love so do to yourself what you would want others to do to you. 

Yes you have to make history with yourself .

Build your goals, follow them up with faith , whoseover that doubts your abilities should be put in the trash can and not in your head.

Create your symphony of love and adore it .Let it be guide. Preach it.

 Build memories that would form a symphony of love, inspiration, good vibes and achievements so that some day when your children find themselves in this box of depression you will sing it to them and calm their stormy seas.

I love you all.Stay positive. 

The Friday Glow

Hey lollies i woke up this morning feeling so happy for no reason in particular which is quite unusual . 

Then looking at my mirror ooh yes i felt like an angel .. Then i realized how much I have looked down on myself feeling like I am not good enough for anyone or anything…. After secondary school i felt like okay mama you are going to improve on yourself but trust me it’s not easy.. I have always wanted to do a lot but being the old me i always thought people would take me for a joke so i just sit back and wish. 

Waking up this morning and with a few words of motivation i could recollect from my two favorite persons Alice and Saxxz i realize how ungrateful i have been because God has blessed me with so much yet i refused to realize that.. So before 2016 ends i think 29 days left lol

  • No more crying 
  • No more i can’t do it 
  • No more they don’t love you and don’t care of course they do and even if they don’t you’ve got God 
  • You are always good enough 
  • Your body is perfect 
  • Love yourself and aim for higher grounds 
  • Aim to be better with God as your best friend 
  • Put God first in all you do
  • No jokes you can do anything 

    I love you all and I know something in you loves you too… It time to get rid of the negative ideas 

    Have a blessed day… Kizzzesss

    Was listening to  God I LOOK TO YOU By BETHEL  WHILE TYPING ALL THESE THESE And that’s the motivation you need 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍GOD IS KING 👑👑👑​

    Story of the day :TALES BY PUBERTY 

    Hello everybody hope you are having a beautiful day. 

    Well i woke up quiet early today which is very unnatural with me and now i want to drop this. Hmmmm my people i remembered how my first monthly flow started ooo and my aunt called me to give me educative gist😂😂 then she started, now she said my baby you are a woman oo now that you have started seeing blood  don’t allow any boy to touch you or else you will have a big stomach (chaii African aunts) . Then she was like while I was in school there was this lady that was always a rascal then people especially guys respected her as she was always acting like a cultist.. To cut the long gist short she graduated and got married to someone she met in school leaving all the Sulias and chinwes that were doing follow follow. 

    Her wedding night that was how her husband realized she was still a virgin, like every calabar man he screamed Abasi Mbok!!!!!  So ya virgin na why you come dey do like werey for school and she replied I WAS WITH THE ANOINTING and avoided the guys who wanted to SAMPLE ME… 

    THEN MY AUNT SHOUTED EWOOOOOOOOOO RICE ROASTING OOO I was so happy the gist had ended or so i thought

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